What We Do

Youth Rise Texas has three goals:

  1. Cultivate directly-impacted youth as long-term leaders for justice by facilitating creative change work around detention and deportation
  2. Change public opinion about target issues and win local campaigns to make Texas a safer place for all families
  3. Facilitate space for intergenerational community-building and transformational healing

We reach these goals through our eight-week Youth Organizing Institute, launching in Summer 2015, and through our year-round internship and mentorship opportunities.  Know a young person who you think is a good fit for us?  Drop us a line at <[email protected]>!  We’d love to meet them.


Organizing Institute Schedule:

Everyone’s been asking, “What’s the summer going to be like?”  We’ve finalized our schedule, and a brief overview of what to expect is below.  See you in the summertime!

Weeks 1-2:

  • Who’s in the room?  Hanging out, games, chill time, music, art, and creative activities to get to know each other
  • Who am I? Working on understanding our own identities and how they shape us.  Talking about race, gender, sexual orientation, and all the other things that make us who we are.
  • Understanding the PIC: What’s the PIC?  And what does it have to do with people getting locked up and deported? Why do we imprison and deport people, and why are people making money off of it?
  • Models for change: exploring how people in our communities have creatively solved problems they faced – from current struggles with police brutality, sweatshops, and migration, to historic struggles for fair wages, civil rights, and equailty, we’ll identify change-makers and their strategies.
  • Wellness: each week over the summer will have dedicated wellness and chill time, where we invest in taking good care of ourselves, each other, and our minds, bodies, and hearts.

Weeks 3-5:

  • Oral History Documentation: What is oral history?  How has it been used, and why do our stories matter?  How-to workshops on interviewing, and learning about impactful oral history projects.
  •  Interview collection: identifying who to interview, scheduling interviews, and figuring out what to do after the interview
  • Public speaking and performing our stories: Working with guest instructors and getting comfortable with talking in front of groups and sharing our stories in a performance setting
  • Volunteering: spending days working with other community based organizations in town to learn about what they do, how they do it, who it helps, and why it matters.
  • Fun, chill time, guest workshops and wellness: swimming, field trips, yoga, creative workshops and more!

Weeks 6-8:

  • What is a monologue? Who has a monologue? We’ll watch some monologue performances, decide what we like and don’t, and work with theatre professionals to take the interviews and stories we heard and craft them into performance pieces that can be shared to tell the story of parental incarceration and deportation to the world.
  • Rehearsals, final project preparation, and celebration! We’ll rehearse our pieces, prepare our final projects, and get ready to celebrate our work during the graduation and celebration ceremony.

Youth Rise staff hopes you’re as pumped as we are.  It’s gonna be a lot of work and and a lot of energy to put in, and we’re confident that together, we can make the most amazing summer we’ve had yet!