Apply now for the #StayWoke Summer Circle, our paid summer leadership program!

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Are you 15-20 years old? 

Do you like helping others or feel like you’d like to make a change? 

Do you know what it’s like to have your parents or caregivers go to jail, prison, be deported, or even worry about any of these things?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the questions above?

If so, we want to HIRE you for the #StayWoke Summer Circle!

Youth Rise is looking for dedicated young people like YOU to work together and make a change.  This is not just any job, it’s dealing with people’s lives and it’s a deep commitment.

The only requirements are:

1) That one or both of your parents was incarcerated or deported at some point in your life, now or previously,


2) That you are interested in learning about how to make a change in the world

During #StayWoke, we learn about the problems in our communities, share our stories with each other, and learn ways to make change.  We speak out at protests and City Hall, write letters to the editor, and work with artists to find creative ways to get our voices heard.  We do performances, write songs, and make art.  And most importantly, we chill, build friendships, and make connections with others who are our age and understand what we’ve been through.

Click here to apply now to #StayWoke, our paid 20 hour per week summer program for teens!

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